The smell is overwhelming !

Today I visited the official waste sorting (and incineration – I didn’t think there was an incinerator on the island?) plant on the island.

I found myself back to my childhood again, with piles of un-sorted rubbish everywhere, rotting and stinking and in amongst this people sitting on the ground trying to separate usable materials out of the rubbish.

Ok, it’s a start, but it could be done so much better.  Aluminium and sheet metal end up in the same container; plastic (PET) bottles compacted with their lids and labels still on.  To make it work a more structured and efficient  separation process is required otherwise we are going to drown in our own rubbish in the next 5 years.

We are going to need weeks to sort through the existing garbage heap.  The good news  is that there are already enough PET bottles and aluminium cans to get the project going.  Wealth from waste.  It’s the best way to deal with the huge waste problem we have.  Sure, to start with it will be hard, but eventually we will all reap the rewards of this effort – a clean island.

Please help and visit our website.  Thank you all!